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Online Laundry Service in India

Forget about washing and ironing! With Laundrydoor enjoy a laundry service at home. Choose your laundry according to the weight of your clothes, we will pick it up and return it clean and ironed whenever and wherever you want. If you don't know the exact weight, choose the laundry that you think best suits the weight of your clothes. Once received, we weigh it and notify you if there is any type of mismatch.

Pickup and home delivery are free. Also, in our laundry service, you can choose if you want your clothes simply washed and folded or also ironed. If you decide to iron your clothes, we deliver them without wrinkles! We iron each of your personal garments with our steam press and your calendered bedding.

Laundrydoor is an ecological laundry, we work with non-corrosive soaps and a cleaning system that, in addition to protecting the environment, keeps your clothes in better condition and deteriorates less with washing.

In addition, at LAundrydoor we have a commitment to the quality of cleaning of our orders. We work so that your clothes are perfect and if you are not satisfied with the result, we clean and iron your clothes again at no cost.

Take advantage and consult now all our laundry prices. Enter the zip code where you want us to collect your order to see the product catalog.

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